Helping you bring the magic to your family feast
Christmas 2021
Tips for hosting the best Christmas yet
Helping you bring the magic to your family feast
Published 29 October
So, you’ve put your hand up to host Christmas lunch? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled our top tips for hosting the best Christmas yet.

Decorating, gift shopping and a whole lot of Mariah Carey on repeat. That’s right, the countdown is on for the big man in the red suit’s arrival! Amid this craziness, we often forget about being present in the moment, especially when it comes to hosting events for the Christmas season.

Whether you’re feeling guilty of worrying about things like your linen tablecloth crumpling or running out of ice, remember – don’t stress the small things! We’re here to prepare you for Santa touching down on that roof of yours with these tips and tricks for hosting the ultimate Christmas day lunch. The best part? You’ll find everything here, and more, lining the shopfront of your favourite Hyperdome stores.

Set a simple and trendy aesthetic: Australian native

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s to appreciate the incredible country we call home and the vast native landscape it offers us. Recently, we have seen this appreciation come through in the form of the ‘Australian Native’ Christmas trend this festive season.

Think sage greens, soft pinks and warm tans paired with natural textures and timber accents. Hints of gumnuts, natural botanicals and a variety of leafy green décor items may also make an appearance. The soft, elegance of eucalyptus leaves brings an evergreen beauty into the home, creating a charming, atmospheric setting.


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Create a cosy atmosphere with the right sounds and scents

Before you think about what you’re going to plate up for your guests, think about what they’re going to see, hear and smell the moment they enter into your home. That’s right, there’s an art to creating the perfect atmosphere. Whether you’re going for formal or relaxed, calm or lively, intimate or packed – everything from the music playing to the types of candles will impact your guest’s experience.

When it comes to music, smooth and jazzy Christmas tunes effortlessly set the mood for the day. Bonus points if you’ve got a record player – an instant conversation starter between guests! As for scent, combine a high-quality diffuser and candle, making sure they’re in separate rooms so that their unique scents spread.

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Serve up delicious, fresh food with your own unique twists

The best canapés are delicious, simple and time-effective to prepare, all while still offering your guests plenty of substance. Go for starters like Mediterranean and seafood platters. Think: fresh prawns, sliced meats, creamy cheeses and seasoned breads. As for the main, you can never go wrong with a roast of your choice – this will be sure to be the star of the menu.

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End the day on a sweet note with a classic dessert and the juiciest summer fruits

Make your Christmas dessert a real standout this year with a timeless, wow-factor treat that’s guaranteed to impress your guests. You guessed it – we’re talking about the beloved pavlova. The best thing about this classic Aussie dessert is the flexibility it gives you. Are you a fresh berries over passionfruit pulp person? Whatever you, and your guest’s preferences may be, this light and fluffy Christmas favourite allows for endless experimentation. Why not get the kids involved and get them to decorate it alongside you?

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