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Meet the Locals - Milly Bannister
Founder of a Youth Mental Health Charity and an Instagram page with over 166,000 followers, Milly focuses on keeping her style relaxed and comfortable.
Published 24 August

Milly Bannister doesn’t just exude a fashion-forward style, she’s also the founder of GRLKND, a health program and charity that focuses on youth mental health education. When she’s not working on GRLKND, you might find her creating content for her 166,000 followers on Instagram.

So, if you’re in need of a stylish cue this spring and summer, take note of Milly’s picks and tips. Hint: it’s more accessible than you think.


In three words, describe your personal style.

“Comfortable, relaxed and a little bit chic.”


Tell us about what you are wearing today.

“I’m wearing a Dotti skirt and a Cotton On high-necked ribbed tank, with a pair of Dotti summer sandals and some Lovisa jewelry.”


What do you love about living in Loganholme?

“I love that Loganholme is equally as close to the city as it is to the Gold Coast beaches.”


What are your go-to shops and restaurants at Hyperdome?

“I can’t visit Hyperdome without visiting Kmart! I love to eat at Guzman Y Gomez or Nando’s.”


Question 6: What are your top style tips for Spring Summer?

“Keep it simple and add layers – that tends to be a way to look effortlessly chic.”


How would you describe the local look in Loganholme?

“I would say it’s very relaxed and little bit beachy, but overall, very comfortable.”
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