The Ultimate Personalised Father's Day Gift Guide
Everything you need for Dad this Father's Day.
Published 01 September

Come Father’s Day, it’s easy to fall into the old trap of getting socks, jocks and chocs or a boring book that sits gathering dust on the bookshelf. So many dads out there seem to already have everything they want and it’s hard to strike a balance between a gift that is useful yet suits Dad’s unique personality.

All dads are different in their own way. We’d like to recognise that this year with gifts that speak to all the fun things your dad loves to do. Here are our top Father’s Day gift ideas to suit every kind of dad out there.

The Sports Fanatic 
Got a sports-mad dad? Sports Fanatics are completely obsessed with watching a game or playing sports themselves. Whether he’s a Bronco's fan or he prefers to kick a football in the garden, he’s super competitive and never loses sight of the goalposts.

For the Sports Fanatic, there are a huge array of gift options available to you, but they will all depend on what Dad’s favourite sports are. Think golf sets, running shoes, activewear or sports equipment like water bottles, sweat towels or a new football to toss around in the backyard. For the dads who prefer to watch sports rather than actually play, invest in memorabilia; footy tees, hats, scarves or posters which will remind him of the best games throughout his team’s history.

Shop a range of gifts for the Sports Fanatic here:

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1 Oakley 009417 Holbrook XL Sunglasses                               OPSM $254.95
2 Man Cave Dart Cabinet Big W $49
3 Adidas Classic Trefoil Baseball Cap City Beach $30
4 Brook Shoes The Athlete's Foot See in store for styles
5 Gift Card Hyperdome Shopping Centre          From $20

The Big Softy
Is your dad a sensitive, new age-kinda-guy? The Big Softy appreciates the little things in life; he loves a cuddle, or some words of love every now and then. Best of all, he’s not afraid of telling you how proud he is of you.

For the Big Softy dad, sentimental gifts are perfect. He’ll appreciate a photo frame with a special family photo inside, a heartfelt card he can pop on the mantlepiece or an engraved keyring or piece of jewellery. The Big Softy dad would love anything personalised, like a wallet or a pair of pyjamas with his initials sewn onto them.

Shop personal gifts for the Big Softy here:

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1 Men's Boss Man Mini Me Tee; Baby Bodysuit                        Best&Less Tee - $8; Bodysuit - $4.50
2 A5 Buffalo Journal Typo $14.99
3 Silver Pen Mister Minit $34.95
4 Best Dad Tee Peter Alexander $49.95
5 Gift Card Hyperdome Shopping Centre          From $20

The Modern Man
The Modern Man is a dapper dad. He loves to stay well-groomed and pays close attention to his personal style. He’s not snobby or vain but he doesn’t mind running a comb through his hair, wearing a pair of socks that actually match or even wearing a pair of designer sunnies. 

The best gifts for the Modern Man are things like grooming kits to keep him looking sharp, a pair of sunglasses, a watch, a new dress shirt to wear to dinner or an on-trend cap for summer. If your dad works in a corporate office, he’ll love any extra dapper details such as ties, pocket squares or a new pair of cuff links. 

Shop our luxurious gifts for the Modern Man here:

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1 Gent's Energising Skincare Kit The Body Shop $40
2 Socks Typo $9.99
3 Smooth As Basic Leather Belt Just Jeans $39.95
4 Navy Phoenix Shirt Connor $49.99
5 Weave Pattern Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver                        Michael Hill $399
6 Men's Emporio Armani Watch  Angus & Coote $279
7 Gift Card Hyperdome Shopping Centre          From $20

The Gadget Guy
The Gadget Guy is a tech guru; he loves anything with a plug and he’s always telling you about the latest tech trends. He’s a handy guy to have around; he’ll always know how to fix issues with your computer and if you need a USB you can always loot the secret stash in his drawer.

The problem with a Gadget Guy is that he’s probably already got a million different gadgets. The good news is that there’s a whole world of gadgets and tech accessories out there. Constant changes in technology means that there’s always something more efficient on the market. For these dads, the best gifts are gadgets like Apple watches or wearable tech, especially if he’s always on the go. For tech lovers that like games, grab gaming consoles or fun games accessories. If he loves music, try a fresh pair of headphones or Bluetooth speakers. If it seems like he’s already got it all, grab him some spare tech accessories like tablet stands and wireless chargers.

Shop tech accessories and gadgets for the Gadget Guy here:

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1 Multitool & Torch Mister Minit $44.95
2 Men's G-Shock Watch Goldmark $279
3 Sony WH-100XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones   JB Hi-Fi 
4 Bluetooth Clock Radio with Wireless Charging Kmart $39
5 Gift Card Hyperdome Shopping Centre          From $20

The Food Lover
We all know a dad out there who never leaves the kitchen. He could be the next MasterChef and his culinary skills are nothing short of exceptional… or so he thinks. He’s always experimenting with new dishes and he spends his spare time frantically researching new recipes and perfecting his burger sauce for the 50th time.

For the Food Lover, the best gifts are those that allow him to hone his skills; think coffee kits for the cappuccino connoisseur, or a range of spicy sauces if he likes his food hot! For Food Lover dads who like to experiment, home brewing kits are a fun activity or the latest on-trend recipe books can be the perfect way of helping him expand his menu.

Shop delectable delights for the Food Lover here:

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1 Sushi Addict Socks                                                                      Tarocash $9.99
2 Double Walled Beer Mug Mister Minit $34.95
3 Mars Celebrations 692g   Kmart $12.50
4 Cheese Knife Set TK Maxx See in store for details
5 Darrell Lea Cooler Bag Big W $20
6 Noodle Bowl   Typo $14
7 Gift Card Hyperdome Shopping Centre          From $20

If you’re still stuck on what to get Dad, give the gift of choice so he can get something he will truly appreciate. Shop Canberra Centre gift cards here


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